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Chinese Steel Structure Association Delegation Visits Brazil

| Media Focus

At the invitation of Brazilian Mining and Metallurgy Company (CBMM), a delegation led by Academician Yue Qingrui, President of China Steel Structure Association, will conduct a work visit to Brazil from April 8th to 16th, 2024. During this visit, both sides had in-depth exchanges on high-performance steel and its engineering applications, and reached a positive consensus on further cooperation.

The delegation first visited the niobium metal mining area of the Brazilian mining and metallurgical company located in Alasha, as if exploring a mysterious treasure trove. The relevant personnel provided a detailed introduction to the types and mining and processing processes of niobium products, and led the delegation to visit the processing production lines, control centers, and safety monitoring and early warning centers of each link of niobium products. Just like a tour guide leading us on a tour of busy production lines, intelligent control centers, and alert safety early warning centers.

At the headquarters of Brazilian mining and metallurgical companies, the delegation had technical exchanges with expert representatives from Brazilian mining and metallurgical companies, Brazilian Structural Consulting Association (ABECE), Brazilian Steel Structure Architectural Design and Construction Company (CODEME), University of S ã o Paulo (USP), and other units, as if holding a grand academic seminar. Academician Yue Qingrui gave a keynote report, analyzing the current development status, challenges, and directions of China's steel structures from the perspective of carbon reduction. He pointed out the urgent need for high-performance steel, as if revealing key clues for future development. Master Yu Yinquan gave a report titled "Development Path and Exploration of High Efficiency Steel Structures Based on Rolling Shapes", introducing the role of hot-rolled H-beams and hollow pipes in improving the efficiency of steel structures and related research progress, as if telling a wonderful story about high-efficiency steel materia